Throughout the year, individual synagogue chapters hold events, get togethers, and social action programs. The chapters come together for conventions, community-wide events and dances. USY is unique in that the organization is teen driven. 


"USY has impacted me in so many great ways. I've met so many awesome people and have made connections with my Judaism through the services we've had." -Jacob Chase (Current USYer)

"USY gave me opportunities to travel and make friendships that I didn't know could exist." -Jordyn Kaplan (Current USYer)

In our region, we create an environment that is inclusive and welcoming. We pride ourselves in providing an atmosphere where teens can be themselves, build their confidence, and create lifelong friendships. 


"I love USY because it helped me become friends with such amazing people that I wouldn't have met otherwise." -Devora Solomon (Current USYer)

"USY gave me a place where I could not only find and explore my Jewish identity, but have a safe environment to truly express it." -Rachel Brynien (Alumni)