Achshav – The International newspaper e-mailed to all members.

Advisor – Adults who work with USY chapters and supervise chapter and regional events.

Abraham Joshua Heschel Honor Society – An honor society for USYers who excel in areas of Hebrew study, Mitzvot, and Torah.

Benching – (See Birkat) The prayer said after meals.

Birkat Hamazon – The prayer said after meals (See Benching)

Chofesh – The Hebrew word for free time. At an event, Chofesh is a time to have fun with friends, catch up on old times, or just sleep!

Curfew – Some sort of time constraint that is supposed to be derived for our benefit, but not always viewed as such.

Dugma – Hebrew word used to mean “good example.”

International Board – A group of 6 USYers who were elected by the people for the people. It consists of President, Israel Affairs VP, Religious/Education VP, Social Actions/Tikun Olam VP, Membership/Kadima VP, and Communications VP.

Hechalutzim – A USY club for those interested in learning and teaching about Israel and Zionism.

Hechalutzon – A newsletter given to all members of Hechalutzim (See Hechalutzim).

International Convention – An annual gathering during the winter break of USYers from all over America and Canada. It is a time to see your friends from summer programs or Ramah camps, or to meet new people from other regions.

Kadima – The pre-USY organization for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.

Listserver – A “Listserver” (also known just as a “ListServ” or “List”) is a system that allows USYers to be informed about current events, updates, and anything else that might be important.

Macher – A big shot USYer, or past USYer.

Maariv – The evening service

Mincha – The afternoon service

Nativ – A yearlong program designed for college freshmen. This consists of six months of study at Hebrew University and either four months of Kibbutz life, or community service jobs in Beersheva

Ruach – Singing, dancing, and SPIRIT!

Shacharit – The morning service

613 Mitzvot Corp – For just $6.13 (which goes to T.O. – see Tikun Olam) you can join the internationalMitzvot club where you will receive special mailings.

Social Actions – Acts of loving kindness.

Tikun Olam – The USY Tzedakah fund for “repairing the world”; money raised to be allocated to the Conservative movement, charities chosen by the Region and scholarships for USY summer programs.

USY Israel Pilgrimage – USY’s six week summer tour of Israel. Also Poland/Israel Pilgrimage, Eastern European Israel Seminar, and Spain/Israel Pilgrimage.

USY on Wheels – A six-and-a-half week tour of the United States, with stops in Canada. An amazing experience!